We Wanted Real

The beauty industry can be far from real. From exaggerated claims, to touched up photos and celebrity endorsements, real doesn’t seem to happen too often in the skincare industry.
Tired of seeing the false hope so many people found from their skincare products and frustrated that people didn’t have ways to proudly show their true selves behind the camera or in a crowd, we set out on a mission to give real results to real people. With that in mind, we created a line of skincare products that deliver the unique beauty needs of everyday people. From sensitive skin, to age spots to moisture loss and wrinkles, Indeed Labs™ products are designed to bring results for every skin concern to people of all ages and with all different needs.

We’re a Canadian-based skincare company that started in 2011 with award-winning nanoblur™, the first blurring product on the market that used revolutionary science to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our goal was to make people feel comfortable showing their real selves in front of HD cameras and behind their selfie sticks everywhere. We’ve since created an entire line of high quality nourishing skincare products that deliver real results for real people. Not just one type of person with one type of skin issue or one age group. No. People everywhere from all different walks of life and with all different skin concerns.

We continue to be the champion for real in every product we make and in everything we do. We use only high quality, proven active ingredients and remove everything else. That includes parabens, perfumes, low quality ingredients, misleading claims and fancy ads. We’re stripping away all the unnecessary elements to give you what you really want – great looking and great feeling skin at a price you can smile about.