Skincare in your 40s and beyond

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So, you’ve hit the big four-0 and decided to throw the towel in on your skincare regimen?

Stop what you are doing, immediately!

Here’s a fun little fact that may have you picking up that towel again and marching it back into your vanity cupboard, to where it belongs. Once you reach the ripe age of 40 (and beyond), it’s important to note that now’s the time your hormone and estrogen levels will begin to decline. This means the collagen production process slows right down, leaving you with visibly evident wrinkles, uneven skin tone and spots.

You may have thought you’d perfected your daily skincare routine over the years, only to be disheartened by crow’s feet that seem to have appeared like gifts only the 40-something gods could give. Yet, although you think caring for your skin once you enter your 40s is no use, we’re here to tell you otherwise!

With time on your side (yes, 40 is the new 30), there’s still lots of things you can do to help replenish, restore and even undo visible signs of ageing. It’s time to ditch the products you adopted in your teens. If you want to age with grace, you’ve got to change with the times…

Incorporate serums into your life

For effective anti-ageing ingredients that will leave your skin looking radiant, serums are your answer. Think anti-oxidant and vitamin rich agents that help to prevent (and cure) free radical damage. Because retinol Vitamin A increases photosensitivity, an evening application will help the skin repair by boosting cell growth and prevents a breakdown of collagen, while a daily application of Vitamin C will reduce the impact of environmental aggressors on the skin.

Invest in an SPF BB or CC cream to use as a daily moisturise or foundation base

Although SPF won’t undo the sun damage on your skin, ensuring this becomes part of your daily routine will help to prevent any additional sun spots, lines and skin discolouration moving forward. We love Manuka Doctor’s CC cream which can be used as a base or on its own, combining SPF 20 with Manuka honey to help even out skin tone, while protecting from the harsh sun’s rays.

Choose a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture which can make the skin look plump and full of volume. Our body’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid declines with age, which can lead to dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles and of course loss of elasticity. Indeed Laboratories’ Hydraluron Moisture Jelly helps to hydrate the skin and retain optimal moisture levels, for soft, supple and glowing skin.

Swap toner for micellar water

As we age, the skin also loses its ability to naturally produce oil. So, drying it out further with potent toners is an absolute no-no. Micellar water is made from micelle molecules which are fatty and act as a magnet to pick up dirt and impurities formed on the skin throughout the day. Unlike a harsh toner, micellar water doesn’t contain soap, alcohol or chemicals that would otherwise dry out the skin, instead leaving you feeling hydrated and refreshed post wash. Our fave? Garnier Micellar Cleansing water.

Hide the evidence

While you can begin to incorporate these new skincare elements into your daily routine, there’s certainly no harm (or shame) in hiding – even if only temporarily – signs of ageing. If crow’s feet have become your recent arch rival, a quick fix to knock a few years off might be your immediate answer to inspire confidence. Indeed’s newest formula, Eysilix II, is an instant and effective cream that reduces and diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles in an instant, so it’s perfect before big events or for every day wear.

Remember, ageing may be inevitable, but looking old is not.

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