The In Flight Essentials to Keep in Your Carry On

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With holiday season upon us, we know it can be easy to focus on the destination rather than the transit which means our in flight skin care routine is often non-existent. But, when you’re 39,000 feet above sea level, it’s important to remember that with lack of hydration or fresh air, you might well be on your way to a skin disaster. And let’s face it; no one wants to arrive at their tropical paradise with imminent breakouts, cracked lips or dry, flaky skin.

So, to ensure you’re properly prepared for your next long or short haul, these are the in-flight essentials that will have you looking fresh-faced upon disembarkment at your destination.

Use a nourishing hair oil

An air conditioned cabin means there is almost little to no humidity which results in dehydration, not just for your skin but for your hair too! Good quality hair oils will absorb instantly into each strand and won’t leave any oily residue, so a single application mid way through a long haul flight will help to keep your locks luscious until you touch down.

Cleanse with facial pads

Given no one wants to spend longer than they have to in an airline cubicle, the in transit no traces face cleansing pads are a godsend. Feel refreshed with the rosewater and mint fusion that removes makeup and impurities while improving moisture levels and calming the skin. Follow with a deep moisturiser or facial serum for optimum hydration during and after the flight.

Apply a hydrating facial serum

Whether it’s a short or long haul flight, keeping up your skin’s hydration is paramount. Hydraluron serum by Indeed works to penetrate the skin’s surface to replenish moisture levels. Use once or twice while in the air following your facial pad cleanse for a radiant, holiday-ready complexion.

Lather your lips with a beeswax lip balm

Nothing says dry and dishevelled more than cracked lips. The Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm restores damaged and dehydrated lips and won’t need reapplying every five minutes!

Have a miracle eye cream on hand, for when you can’t sleep!

When you arrive at your destination, of course you’re going to want to drop bags and take a selfie at the first point of opportunity. But, if the crying baby has kept you awake for the duration of the flight, there’s a big chance your eye bags will tell the story. Remescar’s Eye Bags and Dark Circles cream helps to hide the signs of fatigue so you can push through the change of time zones.

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